Saturday, March 12, 2011

Paints and markers

I have just finished the last of my 5 week course with Alisa Burke's on line course sketchbook delight, and what a delight it has been, filling pages with colour and trying out media I would not normally use. the top one is of a small dahlia I have in a pot, all these odd colours and the second one which looks all misty proves that the cheap markers I have smudge and run when I used watercolour paint, but I think it looks great, they were last years dried agapanthus heads I have had in my workroom for ages.
We were told to fill our pages, put in borders, it has been so much fun, although I am yet to journal all over the edges, I suppose I still could.
these are in my A6 tiny take with me sketchbook but it is holding up well and I am loving using the water brush.
If I ever go any where perhaps I will take a new collection of stuff with me.
Terrible shots of the earthquake in Japan, we have been all over those areas and it, like Christchurch were on my list of places to re visit. I think I will rule out San Francisco, heaven, what else is going to get devastated the whole of the Pacific rim area is moving rather a lot at the moment.
I keep wondering when some of the so called dormant volcanoes we have not far from here may start to rumble again, the scientists are now saying there is no such thing as a dormant volcano.
It is an interesting life and an interesting world.
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Sally Westcott said...
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Sally Westcott said...

I really should check my spelling before I hit the post button!

I don't know about you but I have found Alisa's class liberating - Lyric Kinard gave me permission to play but Alisa taught me how to play.

I love the sketches you are making.


(weird - you verification work is Lyric!)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Taking an art class over weeks must have been lots of fun. Good on you for making the time.
Hey, the world is so so sad. We are mesmerised by the shocking videos of what is happening in Japan, but all our PM can say is - the problems with the nuclear facilities won't effect Australia. Hey, come on. They are people too.
My word verification is 'encopme' - is that some kind of medical procedure?

annie said...

I agree, these are lovely sketches that you have been making, Penny...

And as Wendy points out, some of our politicians just don't get it: The Ring of Fire connects all of us along the Pacific coasts, just as our humanity connects us to one another as brothers and sisters.