Monday, March 14, 2011

Top Chook!

I am having fun with my journalling, this very bright rooster was born last night and filled in today. Quick simple and fun.
I may be doing some serious painting tomorrow, but today this is giving me something to do when I am tired.
We had a holiday today, for a blasted horse race, now the horse race wants to move to May and the powers that be, spinning Rann our Premier still wants the long week end, for what for goodness sake. Of course this year it was a lovely week end, not too hot, but last year it poured with rain or was it stinking hot? One of the other we dont often have weekends like this. I like long week ends but at this time of the year we have far too many.
Better get off my hobby horse, this is supposed to be a non political blog!
We had morning tea with friends and I did some messing around in the garden and a bit of flower play (not showing that its an online class).
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Wanda..... said...

I love your colorful little would make a great looking stamp!!!

Julie said...

There is nothing like your chickens, Penny!!! You really should look into making them into a stamp collection for the postal service, or I am thinking kitchen linens! They are delightful!!!