Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having fun on a wet day

I draw lots of faces but I think on Traci Bausista's blog she had a small article on journalling using faces, and I sat in my work room looking at rain and wind and getting a bit cold and drew this, then used inktense pencils, some water and then some oil pastels on top, a lot of fun. I may do this more often.
My shoulder is not much better, or is it the neck? I am not sure, it has been so cold and wet it has been hard to even get outside so I have been good and done a lot of inside jobs, like ironing and cleaning (yuk!)
I am slowly getting together a mountain of 'stuff' to take away with me, what fun but will I use any of it? I will cull as the time to go gets closer.
The house sitter is organised and the cat booked in to the cattery, Coffin Bay here we come, well on Saturday.
I have to cook for those who go fishing but that will be later in the week.
I hope the weather improves or they wont have much fun when we get there, M and I will be fine, we have a fire and a warm house and can duck out for walks between showers if necessary.
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Julie said...

What a neat lady! Amazing what looking out at the rain can do to our creativity!!!