Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Last night one of the weather reporters on tv was broadcasting from the Adelaide cemetary and I did a quick sketch while she was talking and then a bit more more or less from memory. It is a bit wonky but was a fun five minute exercise.
Cold and damp, nothing much happening at the moment just general household chores. John has lots of meetings this week so I am trying to keep a low profile and get on with boring jobs, and a bit of play, I am eco dying, if you want to see what go to my other blog (see the side bar).
If you havent already please leave a comment for my giveaway which ends on Friday.
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PamelaB said...

I think your "giveaway" is a very generous gesture, but I didn't enter because Of the cost to you of the postage.

kat said...

aren't cemeteries wonderful places? So full of atmosphere and the spirit of those long gone. Love the eco dyeing too - I've just ordered India's book but did some experimenting with onion skins a while back. SUCH fun, sort of eco witchcraft and chemistry all rolled into one!!!

Julie said...

Oh...this is so cute for a 5 minute drawing!!! So fun how you can do that! Must go back to see about your giveaway!!!