Monday, July 04, 2011

Croton leaves

I have had these leaves in my sketchbook for ages waiting for me to find time to sketch them. finally!
I think I went a bit overboard with colour and water using inktense pencils and a water brush.
It is so hard to get the very odd combinations of colours that they have in their leaves.
I am not having a lot of time to sketch but there are plenty of photos in my other blog (on the side bar).
We are relaxing and being tourists, part of Saturday and Sunday was spent visiting friends in Toowoomba and we have been out for dinner a lot and generally socialising and catching up with things.
Our hostess has gone down with a nasty cold, just hope we dont get it, probably down a bit looking after us having just got home from a golf trip to South Africa.
I am happy just being in a different place and the reports from home are that it is wet and cold and miserable, here it is sunny and very pleasant.
Welcome to my new followers, I hope this blog isnt too boring!
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shirley said...

It is a pity Dianne and I did not know you were coming to Toowoomba. We could have done coffee.

Julie said...

Boring...NO WAY!!! I love it!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lucky you being up in Queensland when it's so cold and windy down south. Keep up the stories Penny.