Sunday, July 31, 2011

Playing with elephants

The friend we stayed with in Northern Victoria comes from a circus family and one of his loves are the elephants. His house had lovely elephant things in it. The second sketch is of a clay baby elephant, it was gorgeous and my sketch doesnt really do it justice.
so from there I went to playing, not anatomically correct at all but a fun bit of play while I was recovering from a few over the top days.
I came home feeling wonderful I think one of the symptoms of the meds I am on says 'euphoric'! So I have walked, cleaned, tidied up and generally made myself a bit over tired today.
Now I am sitting sketching and having a bit of catch up sit down time.
John has been fishing, some nice fish for dinner tomorrow, tonights is pasta and is organised, but I think we are both pretty tired.
A beautiful couple of days, rain at night and then warm and sunny so the weeds will start if I am not careful. I am having a gentle wander down to the stables and pulling some grass and thistles as I go for the ponies. That should keep me a bit on top if I do it regularly, well until Spring finally hits and then I wont be able to keep up.
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Angela said...

Hi Penny it sounds like your break did you a lot of good.
I like your elephants. My daughter collects them and I was so glad when she left home and took them with her she had so many. Now I feel sorry for her husband because she is still collecting.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely little sketches Penny. Who ever does keep up with gardening and weeds. A little a day is better both for the garden and for the back.

Julie said...

Elephants are so cute!!! Nice sketches!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Elephants are wonderful, especially the baby ones.
The weather is picking up at last with a bit of sunshine. It's chaotic here though with cleaning out the garage, sheds, changing beds and driving to the tip with junk. It cost an extra $19 to give away a bed base!