Friday, July 15, 2011

Eco dyeing equipment

This is on our side verandah, I wish I had time to do some more but just at the moment all the stuff is waiting for me to get at it again.
My old gas bbq and not a copper pot but a brass one as well as an old aluminium pot, I need to find a copper one if I can, one with a handle I can use. I do have a kettle I suppose I could use that.
Very cold here, a frost this morning and I dont think again it has got much over 10 degrees C, a proper winter, but I am not coping with it as well as usual.
I will be a bit hit and miss with my blogging as I need to be motivated to sketch and I havent much to motivate me at the moment.
Dont want to moan so just wont be around as much as usual.
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Julie said...

It is so hard in the winter...lucky for me, we barely have any here in south Florida...I like to look at other blogs for inspiration...and I start to inspect different things in nature (or anywhere) with a closer eye, and it brings me to a place where I must make's weird. You have such a neat style, and I just love seeing all that you create...sure hope you can find some inspiration soon (hehehehe)...I am selfish, I want to see more stuff by you!!! LOL.

Wanda..... said...

Will miss you, but will come running when you do post, Penny!.