Friday, July 22, 2011

Mad birds

I am still not doing a huge amount and now the new meds I am on make me sleepy!
I did manage to do a few birds, referring to Carla Sonheims Drawing Lab book, such a lovely book when you cant do much else.
I had a blood test this morning, in by 7.45 and it was -3degrees and the valley had frost almost up to the top of the hills.
It was COLD!
I am hoping this may shed more light on why I ache so, we are now thinking maybe polymyalga which at least if it is can be curable in the long term.
I really dont want to feel like this forever, I feel about 100!!
I will drop in to my blogs when I can and thank you to those who have sent lovely messages.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

I do hope you are soon feeling your old self Penny. I love your quirky bird drawings, especially the one at the bottom who has his beady eye on the viewer. Would you believe that the word verification is achehope - I hope that is a good omen for you.

Rachel said...

Try sleeping in the spare bed. Always a good way to get comfy, and relax. Tell the old man you still love him, it is just for medicinal reasons. I like the quirky birds.

Angela said...

Sorry to read that your not feeling well. I hope you soon start to feel better.
Love the birds.

annie said...

I love the quirky birds, too. Please get all the rest that you can. Sometimes that rest helps more than you expect. Hoping for news and treatment that works better.

Julie said...

How have I been missing your posts??? I'm so sorry about your achiness...I had this and found out the culprit was a burning Yankee Candle! I am allergic to something that comes off of them when they burn. I could barely move! I have tested this theory several times too, and each time, I have such a reaction I moan when I would try to move an inch!