Friday, July 08, 2011

From our hotel window in Brisbane

Bit of a wonky photo, that is the trouble with having to take photos.
I havent really had a lot of time to do any sketching but yesterday we were up in Brisbane for the night to see Dr Zhivago, the musical and I had a few minutes in a comfortable chair. I have no idea what I was sketching but buildings are always satisfying to do.
We had a lovely visit to Brisbane, we took the city ferries both yesterday and today to explore the city from a different angle, and I didnt have to walk too much. We saw some evidence of the January, devastating floods, but although there is still a lot of cleaning up going on, mostly things looked almost normal, at least the area we saw.
The musical was great with some lovely voices and worked well, I wasnt sure how they would do it but it was done well.
We went to see various exhibitions at the Museum and Art Centres, but perhaps more of that tomorrow.
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shirley said...

Hi Penny glad you are enjoying your visit to Brisbane. I believe the musical Dr. Zhivago is wonderful.

On your ferry trip if you saw the Hawthorne ferry terminal, that is the ferry I caught to school every day. we lived at Hawthorne and went across the river to New Farm School. Sometimes the river was raging, and most times so clear you could almost see the bottom.

annie said...

I like your terracotta pot and plant, and your masks.

So glad to know that DR. ZHIVAGO worked well as a musical.

Is your comfortable chair a recliner, Penny? I find mine (recliner) much more comfortable than my bed.