Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home from Queensland

I have been a bit slow at getting sketches done. I didnt feel terribly well while we were away, although we managed to get a lot done and fill our time pretty well. Sketching became something that was very hard to find time to do.
I did manage to do this huge terracotta pot with leaves and lilies in while having a coffee at the Ferry Road Markets, a great place for coffee and fresh vegetables.
We also went to Brisbane and saw the Torres Strait Exhibition in both the Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art, a fantastic visit and I really loved these masks, and figures, the hat was made of turtle shell and was wonderfully grotesque. I have the book but these were done in the museum with about a million screaming children as it was school holidays.
The book of the exhibition is a really good reference for this area, not cheap and heavy! but it is not easy to get good reference books except when museums or art galleries do this sort of thing.
We are now home, and it didnt get over 10degrees C all day yesterday, a bit better today or I am getting used to it, but we have had some drizzle.
I have managed, slowly, to get a few things tidied up, but find early mornings and night the worst, aching joints are no fun at all, there were times when I could barely walk but I feel a bit better now I am home. I decided the only way to bet back to a bit of normality was to do things slowly, exercise as much as I can but not over do it and rest, as bed is no good at least my chair is a bit more comfortable.
I am re reading Jean Auel's Earths Children series, as I need to be a bit more up to date with her new book out, so they are keeping me amused. Not that I have the new book, I am waiting for the paperback version!
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