Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stained glass windows

I am being hounded by my friend P.... to put something up again, I wonder if she ever looks at my other blog, I have been keeping that up to date.
Any way this morning, and for some reason this will be dated Monday not Tuesday, I dont seem to be able to get blogger to change that, so this morning we went to a funeral over at Pt Elliott in St Judes church which is a lovely tiny church but as the person who had died is the father of friends of ours and a local identity we went early as John said there would be no room in the church if we didnt get there early. I think we got there ridiculously early but I had time to sit quietly in the back row next to the wall and sketch the stained glass windows which were quite lovely. Not that it was easy as the church did fill up very quickly and I was bumped a bit as I sketched.
I am not in a drawing mood at the moment so there will be more gaps in production!!!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good on you drawing inside a church even when the people are starting to turn up! Such interesting shapes to draw. I hope mobile phones didn't go off though!
At first I was shy about taking advantage of 'any' situation - at a Tongan funeral I drew some of the girls in their mourning mats - but was a bit anxious about it - but now I draw at Rotary ladies nights - anywhere!

Anonymous said...

of ciurse i lookat this bol too you know my philosophy 'two for the price of one' always love pad