Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Japan sketches

This was in the back streets of Kyoto in front of a tiny little cafe, I thought it was a deer scarer but actually it just recycled the water all the time and what I thought was all rock looks more like weathered concrete. Oh well the ferns were nice and the bamboo fencing gave a nice touch. I think we had tea there after walking down the Poets path. A magical morning.
Back to black and white, I dont know why I have this feeling that I must put something up, all those walking and postings for a year I suppose.
Trying to find the time to paint has not been easy and will probably be harder from now until Christmas.
At least Tabby's partner is now down from the territory so we are all a bit more relaxed about when the baby will be born, the 6th if not before and if it is before it is an emergency so better to wait for the 6th.
Another foal born this morning, I think it is another colt, rather nice but a filly would have been better, she is my Nattai mare and tends to cart her foals off for several days so you cant get near them.

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Keith said...

I've thought several times I was going to hang up painting... only to find that night I was painting again.

Today I setup my easel and sat in front of it... and just stared... ended up putting the canvas away...

I think I'm doing way too much myself, but find this is one thing I do that I can revisit and actually like seeing again.

Personally, I like your sketches as much as your paintings... so black and white is great... just don't stop altogether, please :-)