Friday, October 19, 2007

More cast iron and a feather, oh and I have been tagged

Here is another cast iron gate, I love the way they are all so different. I know some stuff was shipped out from the UK but there were also I believe local manufacturers. I had a book which I think my son has but the history is probably pretty involved.
I picked the feather up while walking and loved it. Sorry I lost the feather and now it has come in first, bother.
I have been tagged by Karen and being computer illiterate I dont know how to put her name in and see it come up as a clickable form any way all my favorite bloggers have been tagged and I dont dare ask them again, but here are 7 things about me you may never need to know!
1 I have 4 children and 10, nearly 11 grand children, the oldest 22.
2 I met John at 15, married at 19 and our 50th wedding anniversary will be in 2009 (and I am not sure I need to know that!!)
3 We live on a dairy farm drought ridden at the moment, but I also breed Welsh Ponies, all sections, and have been President of the Australian Society, that for the Welsh in Karen!
4 I only started sketching less than 5 years ago.
5 I started making cloth dolls in 1995 , went to America twice to Doll U, and have progressed on to textiles and doing the Playways course with Dale Rolleson, now starting Module 5 and have learnt so much, too late, but who cares.
6 I used to ski and scuba dive, now I walk.
7 I love my garden but it is getting too much now that we have water problems with the drought, I read, I love food and wine and talking to friends.
And an extra, I value the people I have met through the internet and blogging and the giving caring people who are all over this wonderful world of ours.


Keith said...

I value you too :-)

And am happy that you share.

phthaloblu said...

The sketch is really a good one. You really have a lot going on in your life. I hope the drought eases up for you there. We had a real bad last couple of years but this spring is raining like crazy.