Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remembering Japan

It is a few years now since we were in Japan but I have been meaning to do some sketches from photos of the things I remember and photos I took. I am also thinking quite seriously of turning some of this into some sort of textile so there will be a few more of these. I really loved the Japan we were in and would love to go back, at least it is old people friendly!
It has been cold with a dampness in the air today and John has rushed out and ordered some millet seed to plant, we have had 13 mm and there is some more rain forecast so anything that cows will eat will be a good thing.
I emailed Patti Culea's husband John in San Diego yesterday to find out how they were fairing in the fires, he tells me she is coming home from Europe, today I think, and he has spent 2 nights in his office as they are on the edge of the evacuation area, so with any luck they will be ok. The fires looked awful, obviously a lot of new housing has gone up since I was there.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You must have had some lovely experiences travelling around Japan. A blog I visit occasionally is by 'Pandamonium' and he lives in Japan and often has wonderful photographs. It's and worth a visit.