Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well this is not most peoples London but this is what I did when I was there. Walking in Kensington Park we sat for a while on a seat by the serpentine and as the shags in the UK dont look much like the ones I know, their beaks are much longer and bigger for a start I had to try drawing one.
the bottom bird in the next sketch is I think supposed to be a canada goose but it looks more duck like to me, oh well I tried mr/mrs goose.
The huge amonite was in the Natural history museum, along with a million children, so John went off wandering and I found a seat where I could draw it. I really really want an ammonite and I tried hard to get one but to no avail. I keep hoping that he who knows best might one day remember and get me one, its not for want of reminders.
Then in the metal area of the Victoria and Albert, well I could have sketched there for ever, so many wonderful things keys and balconies and odd things I didnt know what they were for.
I was dragged away from there far too quickly but it was probably just as well as we walked miles to get back to our hotel and all that looking was tiring.
Here today we walked along the beach and had a coffee, very hot and humid so we were home quite quickly he who knows best is having a problem with his knee.
I checked the mares early, no new foals, and have been tidying the house and washing so I know think I can move a bit all the clothes are away and I have actually started doing some stuff for me.
My Haiku is again by Basho
On this well-worn stone
garlanded with
pinks of spring...
O to drink and doze!


The Weaver of Grass said...

Again you have captured the essence of Kensington Gardens with your lovely sketches Penny.

BT said...

More super sketches Penny. I think that's a duck too, an eider duck. Was it brightly coloured?