Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1 and 2 Faces

I have drawn 3 of my 100 faces! I may not get a face done a day but it is nice to fill up one of my tiny sketchbooks with something like this. I found this hilarious photo of Lady Gag in the paper and the others, well one is from my imagination and another is a man in the paper. Not many faces around here to actually draw from life!
So much to do and get done, I am having a slight panic mode feeling at the moment, I guess I will settle eventually.
Had the horrors when I found that the quilt I thought I had made up for Kates little quilt swap wasnt there, so now to re think what I will do, as a non traditional quilter sometimes it is difficult to get thoughts and processes under way.
Cold and damp so I am inside getting a few inside jobs done and also playing a bit with paper and ink and scribbly drawings.
We had a lovely day yesterday, visited a couple of galleries and there are a couple of paper ones I would like to go and see as well. We had lunch out on a lovely sunny day, so different from today. I feel a bit connected to the outside world when we go out for lunch, even if it was only soup and coffee, well we didnt need any more any way.
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Wanda..... said...

If I drew faces, I fear they would all look the same.