Saturday, August 13, 2011


I have signed up for two on line classes that involve drawing or at least a variety of things really, one is Alisa Burkes below the surface and the other which is where this post comes in is Carla Sonheims ( spelling! is it ie or ei? I wonder!) week long class for junk mail fun.
I went off to find some new pens and at last the local Woolworths has some black sharpies in different sizes and I also picked up some Pitt Pens to use and so I thought I would try them out, and I also found a small pack of coloured charcoal pencils by Derwent so they had to have a try as well.
What fun, now I have so many pens and pencils I could just about set up a shop.
I love Carla's Drawing Lab and when I feel a bit as if I need some practice I dip into it and have a drawing session and that is what the little angels and the other one are all about.
I see I have missed her 100 faces class, but then I think I could do that on my own and with prompts from her book, so that may be something to play with when I have nothing else to do (heaven forbid!!)
Well I could have visitors tonight, the house is relatively ok, well I chased a duster and a vacuum cleaner around, so now to make a casserole in case they need to be fed.
John is fishing, I have planted a couple of things I got at the market in the garden, just hope we dont have a frost but I think they are hardy enough.
Hope everyone has a great week end.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

In my experience Penny, if you make a casserole in case visitors come, they don't and vice versa. Still, you can always eat it tomorrow, save yourself the time cooking lunch and practise that on line class.