Saturday, August 20, 2011

Head No 9

I have no idea what I did to his ear, so disregard that!
I am still gessoing ans playing with my junk book, so cant show that yet.
A fairly busy couple of days, just doing my thing. eading abnd sewing a bit and generally trying to do things at my own pace.
Nearly had a red kelpie pup, neighbours who shouldnt have dogs let theirs onto the road this morning and some one dropped it in asking if I knew whose it was but I dont really want a pup, and not one that is skin and bone, any way, said neighbour arrived at the back door asking if I had seen them and swooped.
I will go and get one from the pound. I dont really want a kelpie, they dig.
Lost our first foal, didnt get out of the bag, these things happen and I often think that there is a problem when that happens, I also think it was breach.
Sad, but a part of farming any animal.
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Julie said...

I am sorry about the loss of your foal, Penny...and the poor skinny dog! I went to a mixed media class this morning and they are all scrapbookers. I want a junk journal, and will surprise them when they see my will be very different. Hehehe. Can't wait to see yours.

Rachel said...

Hi, I love your drawings. Sad about the foal, but that's life on the farm. I must get back to "a drawing a day".- your drawings are very inspiring and I like them a lot. Best wishes.