Monday, August 22, 2011

Three sketches from yesterday

Yesterday John and I dorove for just over 2 hours to the back of Angaston in the Barossa Valley and met with members of the Waterhouse Club, which is a fund raising and expeditioning part of the Adelaide museum. This one was a geology look at a creek in which some small and enigmatic fossils have been found.
The Waterhouse Club functions are always well done and fun. So after we had all assembleed at Moculta we headed over towards the River Murray through bony hills but stopped before we got down to the plains, This was serious Red Gum Country, our red gums are huge and old, it was also wombat country as well and their burrows were in along the creek we were following. An interesting and long walk which with my non active weeks was a bit tough and not seeing well made getting along the creek bed very interesting and I stopped and sketched just before we got to the fossil.
I dont think these have scanned very well but there was an interesting red gum on the other side of the creek, lots of different textures and wriggly old roots and I sort of managed to sketch it. The second one is of the creek itself which at this point had water in it and the third sketch was another very old red gum, half dead but with the most interesting bark and markings on it. It also had a hive of wild bees in it on the other side!
We were given a lovely lunch, (late) but...
We had another over 2 hour drive home and so didnt manage to get to the copper mine the others were going to but instead had a lovely drive home through the hills with all the prunus trees lining many of the small villages and along the side of the road.
A stunning day and lovely country to drive home through, although we were both very tired after our over 3 hour walk and the drive as well.
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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It sounds like a lovely excursion and it's good to have some sketches as a memento. We drove through some country towns the other day and it was probably the prunus that made the main street so attractive. I wanted to stop here and there to take photos but it wasn't safe to stop in the best spots!