Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yesterdays exercises for Carla Sonheim were, close a paper not completely in half and draw something you like over both pages, open it out and draw something that sort of connects, our book will have drawings that go from one page to another.
Then draw some new animals, a head of one, a body of another and a tail of a third, and give them names. These were the best I could come up with.
I am way behind as I am still painting my gessoed junk mail and being winter and wet and cold here they are taking ages to dry. Also being on the other side of the world I get my emails at a different time so I am always at least a day behind.
But oh I am having fun!!

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Wanda..... said...

Reminds me of my grandkids' science projects, they had to draw imaginary animals in their habitats. One drew an 'elephfish' and the other a 'porcurabbird':)

The Weaver of Grass said...

These look marvellous exercises to me Penny and I love your take on them.

Julie said...

I do these creatures where you take turns drawing the head, mid body and leg portions on a paper folded three ways, with my grandson...we have so much fun!!! It is always a surprise to find what really strange creatures we have made!