Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cogs and things

I sketched these while waiting in the surgery to see the doctor this morning.
We went to see Hugo last night so my head was full of wheels and cogs and 'stuff'!
What a wonderful film, we didnt see it in 3D as our little art deco theatre doesnt have it but it was lovely non the less, and after all if you dont see it in 3D you dont know what it would have been like and also I wouldnt feel sick through the whole thing, which is what I do with 3D.
It is shown as a parental guidance childrens film here but I wasnt really sure if it was a childrens film at all, but certainly it can be enjoyed by all. I loved it and the scenes of Paris just after the first world war were magnificent.
So hence the cogs, I had to buy John a gate valve so while I was waiting for my coffee this morning I sketched that as well.
A lovely cool day today, so different to the last few days, Max and I have been walking at 6.30 in the morning and it was a bit of a shock to the system this morning, a touch of damp in the air as well.
Tomorrow is Australia Day so John and I will be going in to see who the Australia Day recipients are, as John was one we feel we should go in to see who has won on that special day.
A walk on the beach I would imagine, without Max, it is too early to introduce him to crowds.
After that I dont know, we are supposed to eat good Aussie lamb maybe I will get the house in order as an old school friend and her partner contacted me the other day and we may have them out for dinner on which ever day John is not fishing.
I have to inspect Connemarra ponies on Friday up in the Barossa so that will be a whole day I would imagine, just hope its not too hot.
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Suztats said...

Neat cogs, Penny! Haven't seen the film, but it's good if it gets the brain going, right?
Enjoy your walks with Max. It's so nice having a fur companion to walk with!