Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sketchbook challenge Doodle and 101 faces.

This month the challenge for the 2012 Sketchbook Challenge was/is doodle so last night that is what I sat and did. It was great fun as I only worked with a pitt pen and a very old and fading fast box of coloured pens of some very cheap sort.
Part of the 101 faces was to draw from aphoto of some one I knew. This is my mother, then 96, a year before she died.
It is a challenge to get an old face to look right and I dont think I managed it and I am not sure I should have done her smile, the teeth look a bit scary!!

Very hot and humid and not a lot being done of a productive nature, reading blogs and reading a trashy novel!
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Julie said...

Love those trashy novels!!! Hehehehe...

Your Mom did turn out kinda toothy...but it is a fun thing to try to draw people. My people always come out funky (very difficult for me) your flower doodle!!!

Angela said...

Your doodle is beautiful