Monday, January 30, 2012

Waiting to have the toe dressed

Not that it looks as if there is much wrong with it, but I cant see the underneath where the damage is. I was in waiting for almost an hour and a half, as my dr was operating!! So in a fit of boredom and thank heavens I had my sketchbook with me this is what I did.
The dead tree was done at home.
I saw some lovely small accordion books over the week end which have made me have a yen to make some and fill them with odds and ends, some of my sketches, some ideas, some lino cuts etc.
I dont know how I will go but I think it could be fun.
It is considerably cooler today and we have actually had some very brief showers, not enough to lay the dust and as the wind is up as well I dont think any plants will benefit.
My early morning walks may have to get later as it is so dark with daylight saving at 6.20 that I had to wait this morning so I could see, it was pretty overcast as well but Max has a clock and he thinks we should be off and out by then. I may have to have breakfast first and then take him out. He absolutely adores his run up the hill. To think that daylight saving wont finish until the end of March! It is ridiculous.
I had a lovely week end, although it was horribly hot and humid on Saturday but better when we had lunch yesterday with an old school friend and her partner, we dont see each other as often as perhaps we should.
Saturday John went fishing and came home with lots of lovely fish, Oscar is pleased too as there are plenty for him as well.
I went in to the market, always a fun morning just seeing people and seeing what new stuff the stalls have.
I spent a lot of the day starting a cloth doll Millie had asked for, I hope it looks ok when it is finished as the pattern doesnt follow very well and I need to make different arms for a 4 year old.
Lots to do but I am being a bit slow executing them, I can blame it on the very changeable weather I suppose but secretly I wonder if I am just being lazy.
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lucky ariatami said...

awesome, nice to meet your blog :) visit mine later :)

Julie said...

YOU being lazy????? I seriously doubt it. Mybe more related to the foot than anything!!!

I love your foot drawing...excellent!

I hope you will make the accordian books to I can see them! I love making books...My only problem is that I never end up using them, but you have so much to place in them. Go for it!!!

shirley said...

Penny the sketch of your foot made me chuckle....I have a foot that looks just like that....well worn.

Love the sketch and your idea of the accordian books i have seen some on the blogs and they look interesting.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely cheery post Penny and lovely drawings too.