Sunday, February 05, 2012


This was the center piece for the table we were at on Thursday night to celebrate the 100 years of the business one of our fishing friends is part of.
A lovely night, bit tiring but fun although we were of the older generation and most of the guests were of the younger by far.
Good food wonderful wine and good company.
Even the speeches were fun.
Last night we had rain, not a huge amount and again unfortunately there have been pretty strong winds, but at least some has gone into the rain water tanks and I always think that rain does so much more for the garden than dam water.
John has been out in it trying to make sure every drop goes into those tanks.
This is the first decent rain since December, and even then we only had one big rain and there has not been a lot since October where we are falling behind the averages again. John is an official rain recorder for the Bureau of Meteorology.
We had a lovely morning, went over to Goolwa and had a coffee at the beach ( see my other blog here) and then visited some exhibitions. Once more I poured over the lovely books I saw a week or so ago and I am now actually constructing some.
Just need to get all the other stuff I want to get done finished and then I will begin (I hope).
I hope every one in those cold areas of Europe and the Uk are surviving, it doesnt look much like fun in some areas.
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jyothisethu said...

nice sketch...

Rachel said...

The centre piece looks fun and different. Wine?

Julie said...

Pretty neat centerpieces!!! Pretty little sketch! It is raining cats and dogs here all day today and now...into the night as well. Puddles ( or near-rivers in places) everywhere!!!