Sunday, February 19, 2012

two more cottages, blogger complaint.

Two more old cottages to add to my accordion book. I seem to have made the 2nd one rather crooked, blame my odd eyes and the arthritis.
I am slowly finding more fairly typical ones to add to it all, slowly is the operative word.
It is warm and steamy today and as J is fishing I am trying to get some housework done, but my toe is now sore so the vacuuming will have to wait until tomorrow.
Friends dropped some fruit in for me this morning so it was an excuse to bring out freshly baked biscuits and some tea and coffee. I felt terribly virtuous, and there is also enough of the fishy lasagna left from last nights dinner to just add a salad and dinner is organised.
We very rarely eat the fish that is caught today as it is better left for a day and any way I dont know if they have any.
tomorrow I will be stewing more fruit to freeze. It looks as if we may not have to buy much for breakfast for most of the year.
I am enjoying being a frugal house wife!
Oh and blogger in its stupid wisdom seems to have altered how you put up comments, two to get right and with my odd eysight I dont very often get them right and I cant hear the ones they speak, I have had a go at turning my comment words off so I will see if it works. Why do they have to keep changing things that in my opinion are so far not better. Probably alright for the bright young things but for the older bloggers if it worked well before why change it. Or am I getting a grumpy old woman!
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Sally Westcott said...
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Sally Westcott said...

Oops - sorry ! So full of typos it didn't make sense! Here is what I meant to say!

I with you Penny! Blogger is making it very difficult. I have bifocals and I have to almost put my nose on the screen to see the words! Oh, and blogger wont let me change my design! Grrr!



PS I love the cottages!

Suztats said...

Nice sketches, there, Penny. I agree with you about those blogger words! So many times I get them wrong and have to repeat them.

Anonymous said...

you aren't a grumpy old woman at all. I have a horrible time wsith the new word verification too!
Your sketches are beautiful and the one you say is crooked,, its just on a hill, looks great to me, I'm a queen of crooked,, have a super sunday.

Robin Mac said...

I have removed the verification from my blog now, I was so fed up with not being able to read the stupid letters when I tried to comment on other blogs - maybe that is what blogger is aiming for as I see lots of others have taken it off too. I agree with you, it worked before, why change it. Love your sketches. Cheers