Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home from Halls Gap

Very tired but had a lovely time, we drove over on Friday, called into see a lovely basket exhibition at the Arrarat Gallery and then took the back road through to Halls Gap, arrived about 4 ish having left home at 7.30, our apartment was great, then off to the first night briefing and meal. We were home pretty early!
Very hot on Saturday, my class with Keith Lo Bue was really good, but pretty full on, we used steel wire to make our jewellery connections. It was fun and the girls in the class were great. Another night out for the sales and another quick meal.
P had a full day, wandering in my car and swimming in the pool.
Sunday was hot and humid and got worse as the day wore on and thunderstorms hit, again the class was very intensive but fun. We had to pack up and set up what we had done in the Hall which got hotter and more humid as the afternoon wore on, then just as I was leaving the heavens opened and it teemed with rain and thunder boomed.
The top painting was done on Sunday morning as I sat outside and had breakfast, I have never seen so many kangaroos as in that area, lots of lovely little birds as well.
Another opening that evening and I staggered home to a sandwich for dinner. We packed up early the next morning and went wandering, first through the fog over the Grampians to the other side and the Wakool valley, through to Horsham and then dived off again and went to look at Mt Arapiles, the best climbing area in the southern hemisphere I was told, through the little desert national park to Nhill and then on the main highway home, getting caught up in road works again.
A lovely few days but boy am I tired today, I have unpacked and washed and done a few things but not really all I should.
The bottom play was sitting in the chair fiddling with flower shapes and colour and adding black to make it pop a bit,.
Off to walk Max who was so pleased to see me it was almost embarrassing as John had done his best to look after him.
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Barry said...

P-love the first water colour - so simple in form and line and just captured the country so well. B