Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Filling in time - and help

A few sketches made yeaterday while I was waiting for J to collect me in Adelaide. I had seen a painting in progress done by a friend and sat and thought about what she was doing, her painting is lovely but it was the components that had caught my feeble attempts at remembering it. Started with a seed that was orange and black and went from there.
The second one was of dandelions and grass seed heads, a lot of which are around at home at the moment, I love the shape of them but again I know I havent caught them at all well.
Now for the Help bit, I am trying to access some sticky back (adhesive on the back) fun or funky foam. I am having absolutely no luck in finding it here in Australia and the places that have it cheaply in either the US or UK dont seem to send it overseas. I wondered if some lovely person could get me some, or I could get it using your address and some how we do a swap to get the postage to me.
I have a friend in the USA at the moment but cant contact her!!
Just a thought but otherwise I will keep on trying to get some, some how. If any one in OZ knows of any where I can get it I would be forever grateful.
If all else fails I may have to work out what adhesive I can use to glue it.
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Wanda..... said...

If you need to you could order it and have it shipped to my address, Penny. We once exchanged mail art, so you may still have my address...I still have yours.

Julie said...

You were born with a pen in your hand!!!!! Lovely!!

There are so many of those cut foam shapes here!!! Let me see if I can find a supplier to you...if not, I would be happy to mail you some!!!

X o x o Julie

Julie said...

Penny...I have found two places that will ship to you in Australia!!!
2. Create For Less

I can always send you some too...just let me know! I would be happy to! Send e-mail to


Julie said...

I just re-read your post, and I have seen that there is a FOAM GLUE you can buy as well, and it may be a cheaper alternative if you can find the foam shapes there and use the glue, if need be. Here are some brands I see on Amazon

I would still be happy to send some if you would like to!!!