Thursday, November 23, 2006


We had to go to Adelaide, very briefly as it turned out and I did this house while waitng for John to have his hair cut. He is still not at all well but says that he is getting on top of it. I tried to see my mother and the nursing home had big signs up to say that they had a gastric attack, and again it was in her wing and she had it, so I dont know what is going on. I couldnt see her but left flowers.
I rather liked this old house needing some tender loving care.
We came home and both of us collapsed in a heap. My knees have decided to kill me again, not sure if it is because we had a cool change or from all the standing on Sunday. I still have to walk the dogs and check the mares and foals tho'.
I have suddenly realised how close to Christmas we are and I have a very full calender and no presents even thought about.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That poor little house - maybe that's how we feel at times ourselves!
Not good to hear about illness in the nursing home, just when the residents need visitors to cheer them up.
Take it easy.

Alison said...

Yes, you have caught an unloved air in this little house. I hope you both get your energy back soon.

Julie Oakley said...

Sweet little porch and steps. No presents bought in this house yet either. I sometimes hate the whole materialistic tawdriness of the whole thing.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

About Christmas presents - some people don't give directly - they send a card saying 'Oh, I have donated to World Vision - or something - on your behalf, and that's your present this year.'
Don't know if the recipient is happy though!