Friday, November 24, 2006

New Zealand Flax

I have several of these plants dotted around the garden as the birds love the nectar in the flowers. I also like them for basket making, if and when I ever have the time to get back to them, split fresh they are wonderful for binding. I pass this one as I leave the garden to go into the paddocks for my evening walk. It has grey bronze leaves as I couldnt find the ordinary old green one, so many with different coloured stripes these days.
One problem is that they like quite a lot of water. Certainly not our tight sand.
I have bought a new pack of black pitt pens, they are so hard to find here and while I was in Adelaide I walked into the little art supply shop on the way between my mother and the hairdresser and there they were so this was a good excuse to try them.
My knees are still being a problem and my back as well, getting old is a b...!


Alison said...

lovely sinuous lines - I made a basket once and enjoyed it but decided I wouldn't get into yet another hobby, especially one that needs a stash :)

Julie Oakley said...

It amazes me the things that some women can do. I remember making a little part of a basket with my mother and some Fijian women when I was a child but I wouldn't know where to start now. Those Pitt pens are quite useful pens aren't they - though I don't like the broad so-called brush pen - ideally, I'd just have the other three. Lovely simple drawing. Ihope the plant survives your drought.

Tony F said...

That fabulous penwork again!