Friday, November 03, 2006

rainwater tanks

These contain liquid gold, we are all worrying and hoping that every tiny bit of rain that falls will go into these tanks, these are what we rely on and a few more around the place, for drinking water and washing water, if and when we run out we go onto spring water for all but drinking and so far we have never run out of drinking water, touch wood, even when the tanks get low and we have to fill jugs from outside we have always got through, but will we this year?
Alison tells me that they can only have a sprinkler on on saturdays in Canberra, Adelaide is having rationing but so far its not too bad, Melbourne is also under water restrictions, Wendy tells me that Geelong is virtually no watering except by hand and then only for very short times. I am watering my garden but the whole garden only gets watered once a week in total and some I am forgetting about, but its awful to see plants dying and worrying that old established trees may not survive, and when I think of how much money I have spent over the years on the garden it is frightening. I certainly wont be replacing stuff if it goes, but so far we have had a few millimeteres here and there and it has been enough to keep most stuff going.
I have had a very mixed couple of days, a good friend died last night which, although we knew it was likely to happen is still upsetting.
I dont know how many sketches I will get done in the next few days as we have this major Pony show on and then I have the judges so time is going to be pretty tight and I will be tired. Never fear I will be walking everyday and tring to check in when I can.


Alison said...

Well, check in on Julie - her Rufus is suddenly very ill. We had storms yesterday - 7 mm - and it's raining softly now - it won't do much for the dams but it will help the gardens a little.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Watertanks certainly remind me of other times. In the suburbs here I don't think many people bother.
In our Fiji village of Vatuadova there is a bore for spring water with an electric pump that gives water to four or more cement tanks and for some of the Indian neighbours.
Suva has problems at present - or has for a long time - with water shortages, cutting off often. Yet it rains and rains. They really need tanks.

Julie Oakley said...

Penny you really make it clear how difficult things are for you - such an apt description - liquid gold. It's the very stuff of life and I'm sure why so many religious ceremonies use water symbolically.

I've just this minute received a message from you in my in box - thankyou I think that when I brought Rufus into the vet he had gone into shock and the situation was an immediate life and death emergency, however although he isn't out of the woods he has stabilised so we can be more hopeful.

Julie Oakley said...

And I missed out saying how sorry I was to hear of your friend. Your other blog reminded me. I've been looking at your archives and you are doing so much with your life. I despair of my dear Dad who ever since he retired has behaved as though he is 90 and couldn't possibly take up any hobbies apart from liquid refreshment - such a silly waste.

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