Tuesday, November 21, 2006


No I didnt do these while I was away, I did these while still on Kangaroo Island. I was very naughty and had no time to sketch at all while I was away butI walked absaolutely miles. We left here at 7.30 am on Saturday morning and after a stop for coffee and another for lunch we arrived in Ballarat at about 4.00 pm. Went to find petrola nd found the Botanic Gardens which were lovely but after all that driving I was very very tired. We had a quick meal and fell into bed. The next day was hot and I judged (and that means I walked) from ( 9am to about 2pm when I finally finished and had some lunch. Back in the ring for the final judging about 4.00 and I have to say I just sat and drank water and watched. Then a friend suggested we went back to his place to look at ponies and have a drink, we ended up having dinner but he lives on top of a mountain so we walked and walked again. Home by about 10.30 finding our way in the dark. Yesterday we were up at a bit after 6 am and on the road by 7 and home to lunch after a stop for morning tea at about 2 to drop Robyn off and I finally got home at about 4 and John was not at all well so unpack, dinner and fall into bed for him to cough all night.
I think all that qualifies for walks but unfortunatly not for sketching. I will see what I can do from memory during the day if I stay awake for long enough.
And it is HOT, dry and windy. Horrid.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That sounds just so exhausting. I hope that John is feeling better. Ginger is good for coughs and the usual lemon and honey.
Take it easy this week.

Julie Oakley said...

Shells are such great subject matter and you've got the shapes with a few simple lines. Sounds as if you were far too busy walking and judging to draw. What exactly were you judging?