Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Back from Kangaroo Island

I am having trouble dragging these sketches around. We had a wonderful few days away, John came home very tired after a two day conference and a two day poetry workshop, while I wandered the beaches, the art galleries, the shops, read, sketched and began knitting my stripey socks.
What should be the first sketch now looks as if it will be the second one is of the lighthouse at Cpe Jervis which I did while waiting for the ferry to load, I get badly sea sick but if I sit up on top I am ok, and it doesnt slop when moored so sketching was ok. An awful trip over, very cold and windy and bumpy.
The top sketch is what I can see from the breakfast table of the friends house we stayed at in Penneshaw for the last few days. I am going to cheat and put up a couple of my sketches a day until I have caught up with them all. Oh this top sketch was done with some watercolour pencils I bought in Kingscote, they are a Derwent pack and had a few pencils and some solid watercolour sticks, quite fun to use, although the sand wasnt really that yellow the sea was pretty much that colour.
Missed you all.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Welcome back! It will be nice to read of your stories in Kangaroo Island and see your pictures.
A rough trip over the sea. Hmmm. I remember that feeling. I had to find a spot in the exact middle of the lounge to lie down on during one ferry trip near a notorious rough Naselai Passage out of Suva.
PS I'd like to hear more about the poetry workshop too.

Julie Oakley said...

Great to have you back. I'm so lucky I don't get seasick. Kangaroo island looks like a wonderful place to have a holiday - beautiful blue seas

Tony F said...

Ah, Hog Bay, how delightful. You've captured it perfectly Penny. Still unspoilt and uncrowded. Shimmering seas, salty scrub and lots of limpets to collect.