Saturday, December 01, 2007

Henry the fifth

Damn damn damn, I have lost the first part of this post. I hate it when that happens.
Any way I noticed that this afternoon on ABC there was my most favorite film of all time Henry the Fifth with Laurence Olivier.
Well the new TV and probably digitally enhancing of the film made a huge difference. It always amazes me that when I see Shakespere he is so modern in his outlook.
When Henry was doing his bit at night wandering amongst his soldiers and worrying about the outcome, it really could be a modern leader doing the same thing (I wonder if Kevin Rudd has watched it and felt the same!!)
I really get quite emotional about that film, the loss of the boys, and the way the whole thing was done, starting in the Globe theater and then going into almost Breughel like backdrops in France.
So I had a wonderful time getting a lot of hand stitching done, John was away fishing and just me and Larry. My sister actually met him and his then wife Vivien Leigh when they came to Adelaide.
So a few quick scribbles to commemorate a wonderful film. I even found Robert Helpmann there as the Bishop of Ely. The music of the battle is quite magnificent.
I remember seeing it in the theatre, then on our awful small tv and it wasnt a patch on what I saw today.

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