Friday, December 14, 2007

A small bit of seasonal finery

I have at last made it back to a sketch of sorts. It has been a mad few days, baby sitting the grumpy baby, setting up the decorations, all to be seen on the back valley seasons blog and a frantic day today with a feeling of awful (cant spell It!!) nausia ok, sickness, I think it was watching Sarah's effort on an old video I get sea sick and car sick at the drop of a hat, so video' s do it to me too!! any way this hit in the middle of the afternoon, dont ask!!
Any way this is the smaller secondary tree on top of the butlers what not, dont know what it is called but that is what we call it.
I had to do something this blog has been sadly neglected.
It has finally cooled down and we have had a totally useless shower of rain, a few heavy spots, and the weather bureau was so far out on their estimated temperatures today it wasnt funny.
My poor chooks have been fed at night not the morning, and tomorrow I think we will be off all day, delivering presents far and wide! The only window of opportunity. I dont give many but only to very old and dear friends but they dont exactly live near by.


Elizabeth Perry said...

I just LOVE this sketch - so free and festive! (If you are looking for a picture for your holiday card next year, I nominate this one.)

Thank you for sharing your days and your creativity with us all - hope you have a very merry Christmas.

Sending cheers and good wishes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We have had steady rain which was wonderful - after it being 26 degrees at midnight! I have a drum that catches rain from a broken spouting and it was overflowing.

Donn said...

This is a neat sketch. I like it. It says all you need to say. See sketches like this encourages me to do more like it.