Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kangaroo Paws from the garden

Love Kangaroo Paws, and so do the honey eaters, I felt rather bad about cutting these for the house but I need something inside.
Still cool and damp, fires still raging on the Island, hope your place is ok Tony.
About to go out so getting this up in a hurry.
Pre Christmas is hitting with a rush.


Keith said...

You've been busy as well. I wonder if the man with the dog was just curious.

I sure enjoy your work, Penny. Your home seems so far away. The landscapes, oceansides, different vegetation, buildings, iron workings, flowers, people, wine glasses... weather & stories along with it.

Maybe I'll help bring the news of the first man to step on Mars to one of your grandchildren's skii trips.

Gail P. said...

Here in the desert I can finally grow Kangaroo Paws! Couldn't up in Monterey. So, I share your enthusiasm for them; you caught their true essence. I'll have to try and sketch them.

Tony F said...

Lovely kangaroo paws Penny... they look quite oriental in that vase. The pattern is almost echoed in the flowers. Funnily enough I only bought 3 this week to take over and plant on KI - they are looking very appealing at the moment and I couldn't resist. I'm hiding them from Carolyn because she keeps saying "no more plants!". We are both very worried about the fires on the Island, but won't get over there until just before Christmas. Apparently our home at Western River is safe, although Solly's Fire has come quite close. We are dreading what we will see when we get over there. The western end of the Island is so lovely and there are some beautiful old trees on the landscape. I'm sure the bush will regenerate eventually, but I hope most of the animals escaped to safer ground. What a worry!