Monday, March 03, 2008

A different triad

Here I am trying out a different triad of colors, cobalt blue, Cadmium red and cadmium yellow light.
I am also trying to get more intensity of color into things and as I rather like buildings and their geometric shapes appeal to me this is another try out.
Getting hotter over the next week, according to the weather bureau 39 by Sunday and Monday, and 37 when I go to Adelaide on Thursday. Yuck.
John and I had a lovely walk on the beach near Hayborough this morning, the odd dog walking person, we discussed getting Jake in as he would love it but getting him home would be a problem and I dont think he would like it in the boot of the car!
Any way we had to do post and bank and a few other things and ended up with a coffee at Whalers which was very pleasant, but the wind suddenly turned from a southerly to a northerly so after talking to a friend who works there we came home.

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