Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New boat launching progress

From my sketch book. this was done while having coffee the other day. It shows what they are doing in Encounter Bay and the progress that has been made on the new boat launching facility.
I loved the dinosaur like outline of the grab and the way they had made a little rock causeway for it to go out on.
I will be watching its progress with interest. This is a very important thing being done here and unfortunately not nearly as big as it had been hoped, and not really in the right place but people's might was heard.
There is no safe launching for boats except for here between Adelaide and Robe and with our tricky weather a decent launch and rescue area is long over due.

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Alison said...

Hello there, Penny - I haven't been blog surfing for ages - it's lovely to visit and catch up on all your doings. I always love these simple b + w drawings of yours. I have been stitching - but stuff for exhibitions that can't be published on my blog at the moment. I am doing a watercolour course - with loads of homework - so I'll see where that leads. I must also prepare a theme for the Sandy Webster course at Orange - hidden places in books. are you going to Horsham? Forum