Monday, March 17, 2008

Fabric Book

I know this is not a daily sketch but when the temperature has been over 38 degrees and up to 40 in the last few days, I dont feel like doing much, so I have been playing with these paintings and printing them off onto canvas and turning them into fabric books.
The pages are mostly canvas and have been stamped and inked and painted and various things done to them and then I have added whatever has taken my fancy. I hope my mother might enjoy having it in this form. It has also kept me from thinking about the heat and my garden which is dying by inches. We have had in Adelaide a record of 16 days over 35 which is the old 100 and it is not fun. No water and what we have is needed for us and stock so I am almost giving up except for a few areas. Not particularly unusual ( the lack of water) but not like this for many many years.


Gail P said...

What a fun book! Love the girls! The heat sounds dreadful and so does the water condition. I feel for you.

MargaretR said...

I have enjoyed looking through both your blogs just now. I do hope your mother enjoys it because it is a wonderful idea making it.
that heat must be really unbearable, I hope it cools down a little soon.