Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sketching indoors

Not to say I didnt walk as I did but about the only time I get to sketch at the moment is when I am still in bed, after my tea and before writing up my diary. So here is my red sleeveless jacket hanging on the door into where the wardrobes and the computer are.
I dont very often do clothing so it was a good exercise I think.
Still cool and yesterday I walked quite a long way around the paddocks, I am trying to get fit for this trip but over 13 hours in a plane will probably not be good.
Its getting closer, Friday morning!
It is going to be a very long few days as we have to leave here before 7 am in the morning and the flight from Sydney doesnt leave until around 3 pm. I hope my silly joints dont give me too much curry at the end of it.
From all of that you will probably realise I am a bit worried about it all, something I have never thought about before.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I like the colour picture of the village in the later post.
About the trip - treat it all as an adventure with something to learn all the way. I used to love plane travel, but less so these days. Keep a check list with you of documents, dates, phone numbers etc.
Have a few things to do on the plane, use your sketchbook for all sorts of things you see as there is always a lot of waiting around for planes etc. And you have a honey of a husband to hold your hand! Have a beaut time in USA.