Friday, March 28, 2008

From my bed

My house is the house of clutter! So this morning as it was freezing cold again and I had no inclination to leap out at least until it got light and I had had my morning cup of tea I did a quick sketch of this corner of the room.
Actually I left out the folded clothes and a heap of other stuff that is on the chest of drawers but this little grouping of paintings and the girl with thunder thighs looked like a fun thing to do, the fact that I made her look as if she was slipping off the little wooden writing box is beside the point. The point is I did something.
Suddenly from that stinking heat we have turned into autumn, really cold nights and cool days and the calves are coming thick and fast and I can hear them bellowing to be fed from the pens down the bottom.
Some have been transferred out to the paddocks and last night as I walked two had escaped and were roaring up and down outside the fence with the others inside. Next minute they had charged the fence and were back in with their mates. I dont think the electric fences are working terribly well.

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Keith said...

Sure like your drawings. We are in the last breaths of winter. Spring has sprung. Today, I think got bit by my first mosquito of the year.