Sunday, March 09, 2008

Its hot

So hot I dont want to do anything and I cant put hoses on as it is too hot and we are so far to expect well over 30 degrees all next week. At least it will only be 34 on Tuesday when I have to go to Adelaide again, or so they say, but back in the high nearly to the 40's by the end of the week and no rain in sight.
I did manage two of these odd little watercolor paintings out of my head, I want to print them onto canvas and use them in fabric books, I did these in watercolor, much harder than using acrylics as I cant go over the top. The splatters were intentional. this is the first, you may see the second if I do nothing tomorrow.
It is a holiday here for a horse race which will be held late in the afternoon as it will be almost too hot for horses to race, holding it later wont really make any difference as with daylight saving it is hotter at 4.30 than any other time in the day.
John went fishing off Aldinga and came home with lots of fish which we had for dinner, not all of them and Oscar was very pleased with what he was given too.
When it is this hot you dont even feel much like eating, fish and salad but a nice cold white wine helped.
I have been looking at DJ Pettit's blog and she has been most helpful when I have been trying to work out how she does her fabric books she does wonderful stuff and I wish she would come to Australia to teach but of course it wouldnt be near where I am!


Keith said...

I used a similiar red, as the red of girl's shirt, in a painting I did yesterday. The temps are perfect here right now, but payback is coming.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Holiday for a horse race? Also it's Commonwealth Day somewhere, and here it is Labour Day! O heard on the radio that Adelaide weather is breaking records - not since 1934! Such a heat wave is awful. Here there'll be a cool change later in the day I think.

Red Flashlight said...

Very nice. Calls to mind Modigliani.