Thursday, March 13, 2008

More girls

It has been so hot and there is a rather worrying bushfire not too far away ok for tonight I think but tomorrow is supposed to be as bad if not worse than today and stronger northerly winds with no real relief in sight.
One house lost already so a not very peaceful night and the temp not dropping below 25 degrees. Well in the high 30's today, Adelaide over 40. I have just heard of another closer fire to here but I think they managed to control that quite quickly.
tmorning I had an early 8 am blood test, a cup of coffee and a walk on the beach. I thought you might like a photo I took on Monday when the cooler change was in of two Pacific Gulls and cold looking bathers.
Not so this morning but a lot of kelp in the water so dog walkers and not bathers.
I didnt feel like doing much all day and I made a bit of a mess of this girl but she will be ok to go in my fabric book. I painted and spritzed my pages today using Moonshadow mists and some other spray on stuff. Love it It is so easy. May put some up tomorrow.


Keith said...

At some point I was wishing you warmer weather... so I better not wish you cooler weather :|

You said that these are "fabrics". Are you going to use these girls to make a quilt or something?

Karen said...

The bathers do look cold, do you know what the water temperature is? I'd have thought with the high temps more would have been in the water trying to cool down.

Our skies very much overcast and yes it's started to snow again.