Monday, April 21, 2008

From my sketchbook, first day

I hadnt realised how many sketches I did, I am still scanning them.
The first two are in Sydney airport waiting to leave and then the very bumpy one of the part of the wing I could see, this was an extremely bumpy flight and the seat belt was on more than it was off making going to the loo very difficult. the last one is of my snack and drink early on in to the flight, as you can see a G & T very nice it was too. No bubbly on the flight, not like here in Australia, only awful chardonnay and not much better merlot. Hate to say it but I am not greatly impressed with Californian wines. Found the South American stuff more to my liking.
I am flat out trying to get washing done and the house tidies, cleaning will come later. The weather is dry and nights cold but the days are warm a bit too warm.
After all my walking etc I thought I would be very fit but the time in the plane was enough for all my joints to seize up again! What I need is more adrenalin and new sights to see!!

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