Friday, April 25, 2008

Lunch in Visalia, view to the Sierra Nevada mtns and buildings at Fort Tejon

Today is ANZAC day, John had to lay a wreath at the Dawn Service in Victor, I am afraid I stayed in bed, then I had to get him to Goolwa to go fishing, which was cut short by a broken steering line to the motor so back i went caught up with a friend in Victor and went to an 80th Birthday party.
The first two sketches I did on the day I didnt go out with the rest of the group but stayed in Visalia and looked at a bead shop and wandered some suburbs taking photos of houses. I came back tired and footsore, checked the washing and wandered into the hotel restaurant looking for food, having been asked what I wanted to drink I said water, went through the ice, lemon routine and then without thinking asked for a glass of, wait for it, champagne, not bubbly as I would normally do at home. My glass came with my meal and the waitress told me they had a struggle opening the bottle, shortly after the manager came with the bottle in an ice bucket and said I might like a second glass, suddenly worried about what I had ordered I peered into the ice bucket and saw a lot of french! So I had a bit of a panic and asked the waitress how much it was, thinking John would kill me if it was an $80 or more bottle! thank goodness it was a $20 bottle and $5 a glass so on the strength of that I had two glasses, a reminder to be very careful what you ask for. Hence my two drawings.
The next two were done on the next day, the view from our last dairy farm towards the Sierra Nevada range which had snow on the top and although I could just see them at times no photos seemed to.
Then we drove down to LA stopping for a boxed lunch at Fort Tejon in a pass in the grapeseed mountains, I think they were called. This was a lovely meadow that is a historical place and now is used by school groups to get a feel of what it was like to live during the time it was first set up.

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