Thursday, April 24, 2008

More sketches from Dairy farms

These were all done in the Central Valley.
the first two are at the first farm we visited, they had a big dairy and then some grape vines, or possibly pistaschio trees in rows, they were so small it was hard to tell, also a few Valley oaks which apparently you cannot regenerate because the soils have been altered so much, once this central plane was low scrub and Valley oaks and some swampy areas, now it has very few native plants remaining.
The second sketch is of a garden by the main dairy shed.
Then some color! this was of the mountains from the three sisters cheese factory, not the snowy ones, these were lower, but then there may have seen snow behind and I just didnt see them. I had climbed into the bus and was quite happily sketching and for once got the watercolors out.
the next is a not at all good sketch of the bus we were in, somehow I dont seem to get the proportions of cars and buses correctly, any way it was something to do while waiting for the rest of them to finish looking at cows.
I think after nearly a week home I am slowly getting my life back together.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your travel sketches. It makes a trip much more interesting if you have quick sketches to remind you of the interesting places you have seen. It sounds like a very worthwhile trip. Hope it helps the dairy industry back here too.