Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home from California

We are home, today, after travelling for about 24 hours and we are tired!
I had a Welcom (no e) home, where is the blog email so thought I would put something up.
the first is of the Sierra Nevada mountains, copied from a poster on a wall in the town of Visalia as the pollution was so thick or perhaps it was just thick air! that we rarely saw the mountains even though they were only a few miles away.
The other was of a building and palms and gardens I could see from our hotel window in San Diego,
so far lots of pen sketches and heaps of photos but not a lot of colour, we honestly didnt have a lot of time, while on the tour it was up early and bed late and not very relaxing, I will tell more tomorrow.


Keith said...

Good to have you back here. Sorry for the smog. I like these two watercolors. Hope you get some rest :)

Anonymous said...

That was email spel for welcolme is John counting his change good to have you home
Love Pad

Annie said...

Love the watercolors and good
to have you back, Penny.

Anonymous said...

tony f said...

Welcome home Penny... I missed your blogs!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for posting the colourful pictures. Smog - well, you are lucky living in a clean environment where you are. I noticed that Melbourne was smoggy today when we drove up there.
Don't work too hard this week as you unwind.

Karen said...

Great sketches love the colours. The smog will help you appreciate home more.