Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grace Cathedral, Sausalito and Central Valley

I hope these are not boring but I would like to get them up, still very sketchy sketches.
the first is of Grace Cathedral which I drew while they were ringing the bells, and I watched a Chinese man swing his small dogs, of which he had several on the children's swings in the small park.
the next is another of Sausolito which has houses climbing up the hills around the bay.
Then we headed down the central valley to Tulare County and as I am in love with barns I had to draw any that I saw. this one had a large flag outside it.
Finally the hills and mountains that I could see while waiting for the rest of the group to finish looking at cows, this I think was at the three Sisters Cheese factory and farm. They had olive trees along the edge of the road.
Still more to come!
My nephew and his family called in today, they are from Perth and we dont see them very often.
So not much done today either, he has two very energetic young sons and a lovely wife, they are both trying to make a living from acting. Not easy here but somehow they are managing.

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