Monday, April 28, 2008

Last days in San Diego


A street scene and then as we were leaving and waiting for the train, the fountain at the Santa Fe depot, a planter box and then when we were in the train a last view of the station.
Now I will have to start sketching again.
For some reason I am feeling terribly tired tonight, didnt think I had done that much today, perhaps more than I thought.
Last night Tabby and John and Millie came for dinner, nothing special, John's pasta and freshly stewed quinces, the only ones from this year.
Millie at not quite 6 months can now sit up by herself and thought she was terribly smart, Oscar wasnt so sure as she waved around her rattle. Tabby's John heads up to Alice Springs again today so Tab will be on her own again. They seem terribly happy together and Tab is now sporting an engagement ring.

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