Monday, April 21, 2008

Various San Francisco sketches

More from my sketch book, the town from the water, we had a dinner cruise which was lovely.
the golden Gate, also sketched on the dinner cruise.
the wonderful terrace houses that I love and are so part of San Francisco and finally a very odd fore shortened sketch of a cable car the reason it looks like it does is that we were standing in a very long queue waiting to catch one and from where i was standing that was what it looked like.
I love San Francisco, so many things to do and see and the way the streets wander up and down and around the hills and then the bay itself. Interestingly this time there was no fog, the last times I have been there, in autumn it was incredible to see the fog come up and the tops of hills and bridges appear and disappear.

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Knitting Painter Woman said...

Having grown up in Southern California, I commend you and your sketches!! You definitely caught the hills, buildings, busy-ness and cable car! I hope I can do the same in Adelaide some time. Sorry the wines weren't that good... they definitely vary.