Saturday, April 26, 2008

LA to San Diego

I have lost this 3 times, if it happens again, i will close for the night.
The first sketch was done sitting at Starbucks in the Hollywood Highlands Babylon Center where there was a good view of the sign, we had a good view in our bedroom in the hotel as well.
the next is of the mammoth stuck in the La Brier tar pits, it is a model but looks really life like. I really couldnt believe that in the middle of a large city they are still digging out fossils, well worth visiting.
Then the bits on the wall in the Union Railway station, tiles and metal 'things', a bit art deco looking but I have no idea what they were for and then the sand dollar and ammonites that I saw in the Museum of Natural History in Balboa Park San Diego when we went to see the very moving and disturbing Pompeii exhibition.
We have had some rain today, the paddocks around the house are being seeded but we so far havent had much although it has got much colder. I just hope the rain keeps up.

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